Announcing Pink Papers

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We have a new series of papers coming soon. Pink Papers will be hybrids of technical papers, investigative journalism and consumer advocacy.

Pink Papers are our version of the technical White Paper. Like White Papers, we aim to present a position on a technical topic, but Pink Papers also aim to help those who are less technically inclined to become more informed, critical, and demanding tool users and consumers. With a more technically savvy and aesthetically demanding end user base, the pro audio industry’s overindulgent myth-making-marketing can move toward a more transparent dialogue between those who make the tools and those who use them.

Because Pink Noise is neither reliant on advertising revenue, nor a competitor in the pro audio equipment market, we are in a uniquely unbiased position to publish straightforward and revealing reports.

We will launch the Pink Paper series quite soon, and are very excited to do so.

Allen Farmelo, Editor – January 23, 2016