The Straight Eight – Amanda Palmer

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Amanda Palmer is an American performer who first rose to prominence as the lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls. She has had a successful solo career, is also one-half of the duo Evelyn Evelyn, and … Continued

Welcome to Pink Noise

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A LETTER FROM EDITOR CATHERINE VERICOLLI NOVEMBER, 14TH 2014 It’s difficult to embrace the uncertain when there’s comfort in the familiar. As a recordmaker and audioworker, studio owner and music lover, there’s a slew of uncertainties – almost all of … Continued

The Straight Eight (Live) – Ian MacKaye

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Ian MacKaye is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, musician, label owner, and producer. Active since 1979, MacKaye is best known for being the frontman of the influential hardcore punk bands Minor Threat, the post-hardcore bands Embrace and Fugazi, as well … Continued

The LP as Art Form

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INTRODUCTION I consider the 12” 33rpm LP to be a distinct art form. Like a sonnet, a novel or an opera, the 12” LP has a highly specific formula that gives the work its basic structure: two sides of music … Continued

The Straight Eight – Heba Kadry

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Heba Kadry is the chief mastering engineer at Timeless Mastering in Brooklyn, NY. Heba grew up in Egypt, and after graduating from The American University in Cairo she got her start in audio by composing jingles for two years in … Continued

The Straight Eight – Eric Ambel

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Eric “Roscoe” Ambel is a New York City–based guitarist and record producer, originally from Batavia, Illinois. He has worked with a wide range of artists including Nils Lofgren, The Brandos, Steve Earle, the Yayhoos, Del Lords, The Bottle Rockets, Joan … Continued

The Straight Eight – John Agnello

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John Agnello is an American producer, recording engineer and mixer who has been involved with many albums throughout the last 25 years. Most recently, John has been involved with Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Sweet Apple, Dinosaur Jr., Thurston Moore and Jemina Pearl, to … Continued

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