Welcome to Pink Noise

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It’s difficult to embrace the uncertain when there’s comfort in the familiar. As a recordmaker and audioworker, studio owner and music lover, there’s a slew of uncertainties – almost all of which I find lie outside of the physical process of recording. Early on in my career I was endlessly fascinated by this idea, and it led me to the task of mentally ridding my control room of all that was commonplace. When I removed the technical components and the fundamental vocational skills that I’d come to depend on through repetition and experience, something really wonderful happened. I was left with simply the music, the relationships that I have with others, and perhaps the most uncertain element – myself. I’d found throughout the years that I didn’t relate to my gear like so many others. I didn’t look forward to gear-centric pow-wows, or heated discussions about the mixing techniques of the pioneers. I found myself in a much more lonely and unfamiliar place, riddled with questions about why things were the way they were, and wondering if my own personal insecurities were fed by the common discourse of the industry. Why was the community so gear obsessed? Why weren’t we talking, writing, discussing and arguing more about creative processes? Most importantly, why weren’t difficult or controversial topics being examined? It’s no secret that the male dominated world of pro audio audio presents itself much differently than other professional fields that share the arduous marriage of art and technology.

When I was presented with the opportunity to co-edit Pink Noise, I was ecstatic about the chance to embrace uncertainty. Without any real professional writing, interviewing, or editing experience, I immediately saw it as an amazing opportunity to learn. My excitement was almost palpable – akin to the day I ran my first session in my own studio. As an open, honest, and diverse platform in which to discuss recordmaking, Pink Noise to me seemed almost like a friend in that lonely and unfamiliar place I knew to be the pro audio audio community. The more I immersed myself in its possibilities, the more I realized it was much more than that. It was a complete diversion from the familiar. A chance to cultivate more intelligently what I think is the core of what makes us recordmakers – how we relate to sound, to others, and to ourselves. It is with this mindset that I cordially welcome you to Pink Noise. I welcome you to embrace the unfamiliar with excitement, and invite you to help us foster a new way of thinking about what drives us as a community to be better.