Marketing Director Brings Pink Noise Essay to Meeting

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Dear Pink Noise,

My name is Charlie Vela. I produce records, make music, and am head of marketing for the Austin-based audio-design company: Western Dynamo. It in this capacity that I am writing you today.

The essay entitled “Show Us Your Racks! – The Sexualization of Recording Gear As Exclusionary Ritual” was as engrossing as it was well-researched, and as a marketer, gave me pause.

I, like so many gear-marketers, am guilty of falling back on the tried-and-true tropes of pro-audio ads over and over. It wasn’t until seeing it laid out so plainly that this phenomena went from being easily overlooked to an undeniable problem that pervades our industry.

At our next company conference, I brought up the essay and urged my partners to read it for themselves. It became apparent to us that as an audio-design company, we are in a unique position to help change this conversation. We can choose to engage with our customers and the audio-community at-large in a more inclusive fashion by being aware of these tropes and challenging ourselves to find better, more creative ways of getting our message out.

Right now, as we create the ad campaigns for our upcoming new products, your words echo in the back of my mind. And although we are a still a start-up, I hope you are encouraged to know that companies out there are listening.

Please continue to apply your keen insight to the issues facing our industry, especially the ones so wide-spread that they’re seemingly invisible, and thank you for helping to raise the level of discourse for EVERYONE that feels passionately about capturing music and sound.

Charlie Vela
Director of Marketing
Western Dynamo
February, 2015